Some of the common differences in oral and intravenous tramadol

In the present time, it is easy to order and buy tramadol without prescription from the online medical portals. It is essential to find a reliable and trusted online tramadol pharmacy to get good quality tramadol to use as tramadol without prescription and information about the dose of tramadol.

In the market, tramadol is used as hydrochloric salt, and various brands are providing this product in the market. It is used similarly to Morphine and Codeine for the treatment of severe body pain problems that can be chronic or acute. Tramadol pills are the anon-narcotic drug that is very effective to get relief from severe body pain problems. Tramadol comes in various pharmaceutical forms like capsules, tablets, intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous injections, intranasal administration, rectal suppositories, and sublingual drops. This drug is available as controlled-release formulation as well as immediate-release formulation at the online tramadol medical portals. The controlled release formulation tramadol is considered as a better-tolerated option as compared to the immediate-release formulation.

There is not a significant change in the pharmacokinetics of this medicine in children or adults after consuming intravenous and oral administration. There can be different pharmacological effects on the body because of this drug when tramadol is consumed after oral and parenteral administration. The oral tramadol is considered to have low abuse potential when compared to opioid morphine. The opioid effects are not noticed when any intravenous injection takes this drug. If these kinds of effects appear after using intravenous injection, the results will be very mild in the body. When it comes to taking the oral dose of tramadol, there will be more options like capsules, tablets, uncoated or coated chewable tablets, powders, effervescent tablets, and oral liquids with alcohol or Tramadol without alcohol.

Intravenous tramadol is 30% more effective:


According to a study in 2005, it was found that the intravenous use of tramadol is more effective as compared to the oral used to prevent severe body pain problems. This study was published in the paper of oral maxillofacial surgery, and it was conducted to compare the effects of single-dose oral tramadol versus intravenous tramadol in the patients. According to this study, they found that the intravenous tramadol is 30% more powerful as compared to the oral tramadol for the relief in pain following third molar surgery.

By using the intravenous injection of tramadol, it is possible to find quick relief from severe body pains after such surgery. The intravenous drug is 30% more potent as compared to the orally administrated drug for the patients.

The Adjustment of a dose of tramadol drug is easy by IV route:

When the tramadol drug was administrated under the IV route, it was easier to adjust the dosage of tramadol according to the age of the patient, type of the pain in the body, the intensity of pain, and the sensitivity of the patient for the drug. This drug should we only prescribed for the adults, and there can be chronic or acute pain problems in the body during the treatment with tramadol. In normal cases, the doctors prescribe 100mg tramadol for the treatment of severe body pain problems.

When the tramadol is injected with slow IV injection, it can last for about 4 to 8 hours in the blood. There should not be more than Tramadol 400 mg of to be injected in any person. When it comes to using tramadol orally, the tablets or capsules should not be crushed before using them. The powder form of tramadol should not be dissolved in any solvent before consuming it. All these descriptions are very important to prevent serious side effects with an oral dose of tramadol.

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